Podium Advanced Technologies is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive set of services in automotive high performance development, covering conventional, hybrid and full electric powertrains, supported by a unique hands-on experience in all facets of international motorsports.

Why our customers work with us (and come back)


Our project management discipline stems from our motorsport culture. It takes a superior combination of focus, speed and technical skills to be successful in a racing environment, and we have extended the same attitude to all our practices. The net result is that we simply deliver on time and on budget.
Effective teamwork is also of the essence in complex projects: we have successfully run co-located platform teams with our clients’ personnel, fast tracking the entire process to schedule.


Podium Advanced Technologies lean structure allows us to provide our clients with a swift and agile response. Our operations are entirely self-financed, and there is no third-party capital to be remunerated. No unnecessary burden weighs down our projects master plans, positioning us as one of the most efficient companies in the industry in providing real value to our customers. In addition, more senior resources in our team are able to advise and help shape up the sustainability of business cases underlying any given project.

Track Record

We have a proven track record of success in a variety of fields, ranging from motorsport to hypercar design and engineering. We won our first ever event when we engineered the hybrid version of 2012 Nurburgring 24 Hours class winner SCG P4/5 Competizione. We then accrued more experience designing and building road and racing prototypes, both conventional and fully electric. There have been five of our works on display at the last editions of the Geneva International Motor Show.


Our success is the result of different factors. Yet our young, competent and motivated team is one of our greatest strengths.
Only graduate people with outstanding academic results and profiles, many of them with a research doctorate, compose our staff.
Professional growth is pursued through regular training programs and rotation of personnel on different assignments, including motorsport hands-on experience.

Hi Tech Know-how

Podium Advanced Technologies can rely upon a wealth of proprietary intellectual capital, as well as on an unrivalled mastery of any leading edge or emerging technology in our fields of application.
In 2013 we have developed our own Battery Management System, that has been customized to very diverse high capacity / high power applications to date.
In 2016 we have developed and engineered our Torque Vectoring system for a fully electric supercar.

High End Products Experience

When it comes to building one-off prototypes, technical know-how is not enough. Understanding the client vision and appreciating the difference even the smallest details can make is an absolute must. Individual fulfillment is as important as extreme performance, as well as customer’s confidentiality requirements about all relevant aspects of the project. We have worked with different clients helping them make their dream come true, be it a winning racing prototype, a “Restomod” project on one of the most iconic classic cars of the last century, or a record breaking high performance special vehicle.

About speed

Speed is the form of ecstasy the technical revolution has bestowed on man.

Milan Kundera, Slowness

About technology

You see whoever controls technology controls the world.

Lex Luthor, Superman Returns

About passion

Once something is a passion, the motivation is there.

Michael Schumacher

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