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Podium Road Cars offers vehicle engineering solutions, covering conventional, hybrid and full electric vehicles and powertrains, from systems design to full vehicle development and assembly.

Small series road legal prototypes development and production

Integration of conventional, hybrid and full electric powertrains

7 FIA speed and range
world records


Each new project starts with a study of vehicle packaging, proceeding  with chassis, suspensions, powertrain, and all mechanical components and systems development.
Podium Advanced Technologies can successfully design, engineer and validate virtually any kind of road legal supercar according to customer specifications.
Podium assembly capabilities range from a single prototype build to small series manufacturing.

Hybrid and electric powertrain

Podium Advanced Technologies is capable of designing and engineering any hybrid or full electric powertrain system and able to integrate motors, gearboxes, power electronics and chargers systems, meeting all vehicle requirements, ranging from urban light vehicles up to 1 MW record breaking hypercars.
The company's strong automotive background complements each HEV project with control algorithms compliant with the strictest requirements and specifications and developed using automotive standard prototyping platforms.

Platform development

A strong motorsports experience and a deep specialization on chassis, suspensions, powertrain, and vehicle dynamics make Podium Advanced Technologies the ideal partner for car manufacturers wishing to develop a high performance vehicle platform.

Lancia Futurista 1

Thanks to a solid experience in the automotive sector, particularly in the development of full vehicle programs, Podium Advanced Technologies is capable of restoring classic and future classic cars, keeping their vintage style and aesthetics. 
From engineering to small series production the specialized team is focused on capturing and mantaining the character and spirit of the original models, while enhancing performance with the addition of reworked mechanicals, new technology, modern components and contemporary features.

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