At 2024 Stuttgart Battery Show, Podium Advanced Technologies announces an innovative collaboration with Molicel to Redefine High-Performance Energy Solutions

Podium Advanced Technologies and Molicel are thrilled to announce a new multi-year strategic collaboration aimed at revolutionizing high-performance battery systems.

The collaboration will bring together Molicel's cutting-edge, power-optimized cell technology with Podium Advanced Technologies' unmatched expertise in advanced battery design and control systems. Together, these industry leaders will push the boundaries of innovation, paving the way for the next generation of energy solutions in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

As part of this collaboration project, Molicel will ensure the cells are perfectly tailored for their applications, provide cell samples and critical data for seamless integration into innovative battery systems, and offer top-tier technical support, while Podium Advanced Technologies will support cell development with detailed application data and insights, lead the design of battery packs utilizing Molicel's advanced cells ensuring state-of-the-art battery packs to end users.

"We have created a mutually dependent and mutually supportive partnership with Podium Advanced Technologies to leverage on each other’s strengths.  We are ecstatic to find a partner who shares the same vision on innovation.  Together we can be on the forefront of high-performance energy innovation" said Casey Shiue, President of E-One Moli Energy (MOLICEL).

“After successful collaboration in the last 4 years partnering with Molicel opens up a world of possibilities for us. By combining our strengths, we believe we can tackle the most demanding engineering challenges and unlock new opportunities across various industries. We are excited to embark on this journey with Molicel: this collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence and innovation. Podium Advanced Technologies and Molicel are poised to redefine the standards of high-performance energy solutions, driving the future of automotive and aerospace advancements.” said Francesco Monti, CEO of Podium Advanced Technologies.



With over 40 years of know-how and innovative technology research and development in rechargeable cells, MOLICEL is recognized for excellent power density products, with high discharge and fast charge capabilities, combined with high energy density. MOLICEL is the cell supplier of choice by world-leading companies in high performance applications, such as motorsports, sport cars and motorcycles, eVTOLs, aerospace and heavy-duty power tools.

MOLICEL’s advanced Gigafactory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and the recently announced Gigafactory, in Vancouver, Canada, showcase the cell manufacturer commitment to fulfill the growing demand for high-quality, high-performance batteries, moving towards a sustainable future using green energy.

MOLICEL is part of Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) Group, the first company listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE). TCC’s Green Energy has business units in the fields of Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Battery Energy Storage Systems and Rechargeable Lithium-ion Cells.


About Podium Advanced Technologies

Podium Advanced Technologies is a leading tech company based in Italy, specializing in the development and manufacturing of high-performance battery systems, high-end road cars, and motorsport applications. With unique hands-on experience in all facets of international motorsports, Podium Advanced Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of services that set new standards in innovation and performance.

The company's impressive track record includes the development of cutting-edge battery systems for Ducati's MotoE electric motorcycle, engineering the electric powertrain for Riva's luxurious electric boats, and a commitment to delivering the best battery ever for the FormulaE GenIV series.

Leveraging extensive experience in international motorsports, Podium Advanced Technologies excels in electrification, lightweighting, and advanced system design, delivering cutting-edge solutions that consistently outperform expectations.


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