HSE Policy

Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

In line with its core values, Podium Advanced Technologies is committed to provide safe and healthy working conditions, to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries and to minimize the impact on the environment.

Podium Advanced Technologies establishes, implements, maintains, and reviews an Environmental Management System certified under ISO14001. This system includes policies and procedures designed to minimize any adverse environmental impact at both local and global levels. Podium Advanced Technologies is also committed to guarantee the zero-carbon footprint on a yearly basis since 2019.

Podium Advanced Technologies is firmly committed to continual improvement, and it will assess its performance by this point:

• Adhering to all relevant legislation, regulations, and industry codes of practice, as well as meeting agreed-upon customer requirements.

• Addressing concerns raised by interested parties including employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, and the public.

• Establishing annual objectives and management plans that align with the organization's strategic direction, aiming to prevent injuries, illnesses, and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

• Regularly, setting objectives, reviewing its progress  and taking corrective actions when necessary.

• Ensuring the availability of adequate resources to effectively operate with involvement and collaboration from all levels.

• Guiding and supporting employees to contribute to the efficiency of the management systems, emphasizing training, competency, consultation, and participation.

 • Disseminating the policy to all employees working on behalf of Podium Engineering and making it accessible to the public and other interested parties upon request.

• Monitoring performance through inspections and audits, eliminating hazards, reducing occupational health and safety risks, minimizing adverse environmental impacts, identifying and assessing significant risks and opportunities, and implementing appropriate preventative measures.

• Reporting and investigating accidents, incidents, and environmental events, including trend analysis, with the aim of decreasing them and reducing environmental impacts.

• Safeguarding employees from retaliation when reporting accidents, incidents, environmental events, risks, and opportunities.