ESG Policy

Principles for Sustainability

In Podium, the goal is to improve performance every year through responsible and sustainable development. The following principles serve as the pillars of its sustainable development strategy:

  • Considers sustainability factors into every aspect of business decisions, operations, and workflow
  • Adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Utilize resources in a resourceful and efficient manner.

This policy states the commitment to sustainability, and it applies to all operations of Podium Engineering.


Responsible Products & Services: Podium Advanced Technologies is committed to integrate sustainability at every point in the lifecycle of its products and services, from design to end-of-life. 

Resource Efficiency: Podium Advanced Technologies consistently enhances its business operations to maximize energy efficiency, reduce waste, and expand the utilization of renewable materials.

Supply Chain: Podium Advanced Technologies guarantees supply chain adherence to its business policies. This commitment is aimed to provide sustainable solutions that optimize value for its customers and stakeholders.


Culture: Podium Advanced Technologies is committed to foster a culture in which workers are actively engaged, driven to excellence, and motivated to assist customers in making the world healthier, cleaner, and safer.

Talent Development: Podium Advanced Technologies is committed to retain and nurture its talents to meet both current and future business requirements. The company offers ongoing growth opportunities to all its employees, encompassing formal and self-directed training, networking occasions, and strategic performance oversight, coaching, and mentorship.

Diversity & Inclusion: Podium Advanced Technologies proactively advocates for diversity within its operations and in its interactions with business partners.

Wellbeing: Podium Advanced Technologies actively and persistently promotes both mental and physical health while striving to establish a vibrant and safe workplace.


Governance: The management team at Podium Advanced Technologies is deeply committed to uphold the most rigorous standards of governance and ethics across all aspects of its business operations. The company carry out its business affairs with unwavering integrity and ethical conduct, aligning with its core business values (Challenge, Teamwork, Commitment and Goal orientation) and policies to achieve its sustainability objectives.

Compliance: Podium Advanced Technologies is committed to comply with legal norms and high standards for itself, its customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. The company places a high priority on safeguarding the safety of its employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders at all times.

Quality Management: Podium Advanced Technologies consistently increases the quality of its products and services by implementing sustainable and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet its customers' requirements.