GFG Sibylla

Automotive application

Podium Advanced Technologies has designed and built the electric powertrain of the Sibylla GG 80 by GFG Style, a four-door luxury sedan that incorporates innovative solutions in terms of accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics.
Working for Superstile – the Turin based specialist in show cars, master models, maquette and prototypes who built the GFG Sibylla GG80 – Podium Advanced Technologies has designed and built the bespoke battery pack, the powertrain and the rear suspension system.
Sibylla project boasts two 160 KW electric motors and is equipped with a 80 kWh custom battery pack for a 450 km full electric range.

GFG Sibylla
Key project requirements

Total usable energy:
80 kWh

Gravimetric energy density
> 180 Wh/kg

Maximum discharge power:
260 kW