FIA world record research vehicle

Research prototype

Podium Advanced Technologies has designed and built the Blizz Primatist and all its components: from batteries and electronics to chassis, body structure, aerodynamics, and propulsion.
With an astonishing Cx of 0.11, Blizz Primatist is a full electric vehicle powered by a 204 hp electric motor, fueled by a Li-Ion 35 kWh custom battery pack.
One of the main challenges has been the identification and characterization of Lithium cells with the highest specific energy, that could allow to limit the weight of the 35 kWh battery pack below 180 kg, given a total vehicle weight target below 500 kg, and tuning our BMS to let them perform at their fullest potential.

On 30 April and 1st of May 2021 at the circuit of Nardo’ in Italy the Blizz Primatist has broken seven FIA world land speed records over 10 miles, 100 km, 100 miles for a full electric  vehicle in both under 500 kg and above 500 kg weight categories, plus 1 hour world record in the former.

FIA world record research vehicle
Key project requirements

18650 Cylindrical cells

Custom 35 kWh battery pack

System energy density above 200 Wh/kg