Squadra Corse Politecnico Torino

Academic tutoring

Since 2012 Podium Advanced Technologies has supported the Politecnico di Torino Formula SAE Electric team, providing software, components and mentoring the new generation of engineers.

Organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers with the aim of inspiring students to design, build and develop a single seater prototype and make it race against other universities’ teams, this competition wishes to spread out the learn by doing attitude and to prepare students to face the working environment immediately after the graduation. The competition takes place all over the world in the most important motorsport circuits.

The team Squadra Corse with its SC19 has won Formula SAE Italy 2019 in the Electric category, beating 26 vehicles and consolidating its position in the top 30 in the world ranking of the category.

The SC19 has a carbon fibre monocoque, an original vehicle control system and an innovative regenerative braking mechanism.

Squadra Corse Politecnico Torino