Battery Systems

Podium Battery Systems offers high-performance solutions for any mobility application, from concept development to batch production and high-voltage testing.

Battery packs
up to 120 kWh and 900V

Annual production capacity of
65 MWh/shift

Testing capability up to
1200V and 600kW

ISO 26262 ready
proprietary BMS

Proprietary BMS
Proprietary BMS

For more than 10 years Podium has engineered and built advanced battery systems for motorsport, automotive, aerospace, marine and railway applications. With a voltage level that ranges from 400 up to 800 V and beyond, Podium’s own BMS today represents a complete, scalable and reliable solution to manage energy storages. Thanks to its compact dimensions, low power consumption, high measurement accuracy and high refresh rates, it is used on many different applications worldwide.

Bespoke battery systems
Bespoke battery systems

Podium Advanced Technologies applied research team has developed its own electric and thermal behavioral models of several Lithium chemistry cells. Based on such simulation capability, the research team has designed many custom battery packs for R&D applications, installation on demo vehicles and small series production, up to 105 kWh and 900 V.
Podium Advanced Technologies custom battery packs boast exceptional weight efficiencies and leading edge cooling technologies, including direct dielectric oil, indirect water glycol coolant and phase change materials. 

Battery manufacturing
Battery manufacturing

Podium Advanced Technologies' colocated product engineering and manufacturing technology teams ensure that manufacturability is built in at the design stage, incorporating quality control features and ensuring a fully debugged process design.
In 2023 the new manufacturing plant will be ready to handle low volume series production with a capacity of more than 1.000 high-performance battery packs per year.

High-voltage testing
High-voltage testing

The high voltage testing facility allows to test and qualify a wide spectrum of e-traction components, such as motors, power inverters, cells, modules and battery packs, up to 600kW, 1200V. The testing facility includes a walk-in climatic chamber UN38.3 compliant, able to reproduce any operating conditions with a temperature range -40°C / +80°C and a relative humidity range from 20% to 90%.

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