Blizz Primatist

Podium Advanced Technologies has designed the Blizz Primatist prototype and all its components: chassis, body structure, aerodynamics, propulsion, batteries and electronics.

Powered by a 204 HP electric motor, Blizz Primatist is capable of a maximum speed higher than 350 Km/h thanks also to a Cx = 0,11.
The chassis adopts a steel space frame structure wrapped by a full carbon fiber body, allowing for a total weight of less than 500 Kg. Fully independent front and rear suspension is provided by a double wishbone design with push-rod and custom shock absorber.

On 30 April and 1st of May 2021 at the circuit of Nardo’ in Italy the Blizz Primatist has broken seven FIA world land speed records over 10 miles, 100 km, 100 miles for a full electric vehicle in both under 500 kg and above 500 kg weight categories, plus 1 hour world record in the former.

Designing a vehicle that aimed to be homologated by FIA was another tremendous challenge, that required fitting on this “small” vehicle a number of safety features such as the steel spaceframe chassis with rollbars, designing and building the seat in aramid fiber, installing a 7-point safety belt, not to mention the electric safety features needed on a car powered by a 800 V full electric powertrain.

Blizz Primatist
Key project requirements

Cx = 0,11

Ultra-stiff low weight integrated composite structure

FIA World Records eligibility