SCG 004S

Podium Advanced Technologies has engineered and developed the SCG 004S, a road legal car that originates directly from its racing forerunner, the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 004C

The goal was to create an exotic supercar, marked by an exciting upper-level performance with a final price below 0.5 million USD, thanks to an extremely well engineered bodywork, a chassis design never seen before in terms of structure and production process, and a suspension system that uses the same parts for both right and left sides to reduce the number of components.

Powered by a V8 Supercharged engine with 650 HP, the SCG 004S has a carbon fiber chassis and body, and a manual 6-speed transmission with clutch pedal and gated shifter. A real supercar that keeps the same racing spirit of its close relative 004 C and assures in the meantime an exceptional pleasure of driving, with the driver’s seat in a central position and a max speed of 330 km/h.