Top of the podium for Innovation and R&D: Podium Advanced Technologies wins the “Imprese Vincenti 2021” award by Intesa Sanpaolo

Pont-Saint-Martin, 4 October 2021 - Top of the podium for Innovation and R&D: Podium wins the “Imprese Vincenti 2021”, the prestigious award promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo award by Intesa Sanpaolo Podium Advanced Technologies is among the 112 companies selected by “Imprese Vincenti 2021”, the prestigious award, now in its third edition, promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo to reward the excellence of small and medium Italian companies. The spotlight of the award is on entrepreneurial excellence as a model to relaunch the economy, expecially in these tough pandemic times. Innovation and R&D, Digitalization, ESG and sustainability, Supply chains and territory, Human capital: among these criteria of excellence, each linked to a stage of a digital tour meant to promote the initiative (plus one focus related to the agri-food sector and one to nonprofit organizations), Podium Advanced Technologies has been chosen on the basis of its ability and perseverance to innovate, through a clear strategy combined with solid investments on research and development. This recognition comes in a year of great difficulty at a global level. Podium Advanced Technologies has been able to face up to this challenging time, continuing to work and grow, standing out in Italy and Europe thanks to courageous choices and major investments. 2020 has seen the highest revenue result ever for Podium Advanced Technologies and has been dotted by important milestones such as the completion of the production of the first batch of Delta Futurista, the rolling out of SCG 004S, the race of the SCG 004C at the Nürburgring 24h, the development of key battery systems for special applications in several industries. All the companies in the restricted roster are small and medium-sized firms that have enriched their experiences with tools able to boost growth and are ready to make a dimensional leap. They have been able to grow internationally, investing and pursuing virtuous policies both at the business level and in human resource management. Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the top banking groups in Europe and in the world.