Podium Advanced Technologies’ R&D project “Innovative Technologies for the production of Battery Systems” has been approved by the Valle d’Aosta Regional Government, boasting a total investment of more than EUR 23 M

Pont-Saint-Martin, 29 July 2022 - The announcement of the final project approval was made by Luigi Bertschy, Vice President of the Valle d’Aosta Regional Government and Councilor for Economic Development, Education and Labor, during the presentation held at Podium Advanced Technologies in the presence of Erik Lavevaz, President of Valle d’Aosta Regional Government and the entire Regional Council. The project, also known as Tech-Bat project, will be deployed over a 36 month period starting next September 1 and will be partially financed by the Regional Government within the framework of the Regional Law nr. 8 of 2016, according to art. 25 of the General Block Exemption Regulation, n. 651/2014. The project – calling for a total investment in excess of EUR 17M – aims to develop an innovative production process that will enable the assembly of more than 1,000 battery packs / year – or 250 MWh of equivalent capacity – improving the current efficiency, flexibility and quality industry standards. This objective will be pursued through a first stage of industrial product research, a second stage of industrial research on the process – that will be carried out setting up a laboratory consisting of several technological stations, each of them reproducing a specific section of the main process – and a final stage of experimental validation and development of the process simulating real operating conditions. In relation to the expected production expansion, which will be achieved thanks to the results of the research project, Podium Engineering intends to settle in a new plant, owned by Structure Valle d'Aosta S.r.l., in the former Illsa-Viola industrial area of Pont-Saint -Martin. This building has not been used since 2011 and covers a total area of 17,250 square meters. Investments of more than EUR 3M have been allocated for the revamping and upgrading of the Regional real estate asset. The project includes also the launch of a vocational training program worth approximately EUR 1,8M dedicated to the large number of new hire that will be taken onboard during the project. Moreover, a specific recruitment plan worth additional EUR 1,3M has been also put in place for disadvantaged and disabled workers. Francesco Monti, CEO of Podium Advanced Technologies said: “We are thrilled at the idea of starting off this new project. This Research and Development new venture represents the single largest investment our company ever made, and will be a turning point in our ability to serve new markets. We are very thankful to the Region administration offices who continue to trust us and share our vision of growth supporting our efforts.” In the picture (left to right): Erik Lavevaz, President of Valle D'Aosta Regional Government, Luigi Bertschy, Vice President of Valle D'Aosta Regional Government, Francesco Monti, CEO of Podium Advanced Technologies.