Podium Engineering Srl announces company name change and expansion of new technology services

Geneva, 6 March 2018 - Podium Engineering Srl, active in the field of research, design and development of full vehicles, and of hybrid and fully electric powertrain systems in the automotive sector, is proud to announce that the company will begin operating under the new trade name Podium Advanced Technologies effective immediately. The name change reflects the company’s broader commitment to offering innovative solutions that go well beyond the current service offering, sustained by the recent huge investments in technology and new facilities, that will further strengthen the company ability to provide turn-key solutions to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. The name change also emphasizes the wide-ranging spectrum of business objectives pursued around e-mobility, energy harvesting and storage, and high performance automotive applications, with the goal of developing unique breakthrough solutions, lowering costs to our customers and continuously improving quality. The company’s ownership and staff have not changed. At the same time, the company is unveiling a new logo, identity and a redesigned web site, The new logo was designed by Borromeo & De Silva, a renowned branding and product design firm in Milano. Carlo Borromeo said: “We are extremely pleased that Podium Advanced Technologies has decided to entrust us with such an important task, to create a new logo and coordinated image system that could effectively represent them at a turning point in their company history. We decided to abandon the design elements of the past to create a logo that showcases the three souls of Podium Advanced Technologies service capabilities (Automotive Engineering, e-Mobility and Motorsport), different facets of the company DNA, yet inextricably linked by a strong automotive legacy. The graphic sign is evocative of an air intake, an energy cell and a racing track. It is dynamic and at the same time prominent, universally appreciable and never banal in its simplicity. The logo reflects the essential, reliable and straightforward personality of the company, being at the same time engaging and evocative. We are very proud of what we achieved in this project. In a revolutionary historical period for the automotive industry, the world is once again looking at Italy for the creativity and innovation we have always been able to offer. Podium Advanced Technologies is there to represent such values at their best.” The new web site, designed by Daimon Art, a boutique web agency in Torino, prominently features the company’s renewed focus on innovation along the three main lines Podium Advanced Technologies operates – Automotive Engineering, e-Mobility and Motorsport – as well as the wealth of experience accrued to date on a variety of projects, enriched by an array of relevant multimedia content. Stefania Calabrò said: “To design a website that could represent a company so complex as Podium Advanced Technologies in a simple, straightforward and easy to navigate way was a tremendous challenge. We set ourselves the goal that every user, even the non-specialist ones, could understand at a glance the nature and breadth of the company offering, as well as their unique features. We wanted to design an environment that could resemble the company itself, their people and their values. We are happy with the end result, that has been made possible by the great attention to details, strong customization and pervasive teamwork that have characterized the whole project from the very start.”