Podium Engineering officially opens the research unit HiEHyPwt

13 July 2016

Pont Saint Martin, 13 July 2016 – Podium Engineering in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino Mechatronics Laboratory and other industrial companies of the region, Honestamp, Eltek and Vallée Trafor, opens the Research Unit HiEHyPwt (High Efficiency Hybrid Powertrain), a three year program of applied research in the automotive field with a focus on alternative energy mobility.

The proposal starts from the consideration that in current vehicles only about 30% of energy is transformed into useful power. The exploitation of part of that 70% of dissipated energy is obtained in hybrid vehicles alongside the engine with one or more electric motors and a storage system. Although nowadays hybrid vehicles are a consolidated reality, there is considerable room for improvement if the vehicle is considered as an integrated energy system. The objective of the Research Unit (UdR) is the development of components and architectures that allow such integration to reduce consumption and emissions at competitive costs. The main focus and the common denominator being energy, this theme is declined in three complementary projects dealing with the three major drivers of interest in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Energy Storage

The battery pack is the heart of any electric and hybrid vehicle. Researching and investigating mechanical and cooling packaging solutions jointly with the innovative management algorithms for lithium base cells technology are the aims of the project. The main objective of this project is the development of technologies and architectures for compact, reliable and efficient battery packs starting from cells available on the market.

Energy Recovery

Harvesting energy from traditionally wasted energy (exhaust gas, braking etc) will improve overall efficiency and emissions of hybrid vehicles. The project goal is to develop and test an innovative regen system. The objective of the energy recovery systems project is the development of an electric turbocharger capable of recovering power from the exhaust gas and of supercharging the engine even at low revs allowing so a reduction of the engine displacement. The recovered power can be used to operate the accessories and charge the battery pack.

Energy Management

Innovative technology requires a complete new approach: facing the challenge of optimizing the overall energy management in complex systems is the key to make hybrid and electric vehicles the future of green mobility. The objective of this latter project is to manage the power flows in the hybrid vehicle in an integrated way. In this context, the electrification of accessories plays an important role because it allows exploiting the recovered energy, simplifying the system and reaching a better vehicle efficiency.

The program is supported by European Union ERDF Regional Operational Programme and ESF European Social Fund through the Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta two new researchers have been employed on the program by Podium Engineering.

Assembly process

Sorting, Testing and Stacking Cylindrical
- Fully automated station
- 100% cells state of health testing (including open circuit voltage, resistance/AC impedance, temperature
- Stations able to handle module up to 1200 mm length
- Different cooling strategies can be handled within this station
- Similar capacity cells can be sorted and included in a module
- Fast and tack-free led lamp curing
- Accurate pressing operation
Sorting, Testing and Stacking Cylindrical
Sorting, Testing and Stacking Prismatic and Pouch
- Fully automated station
- 100% cells state of health testing (including open circuit voltage, resistance/AC impedance, temperature
- Stations can handle different cell dimensions and different thermal extraction strategies
- Accurate pressing operation
Sorting, Testing and Stacking Prismatic and Pouch
Bus Bar Laser Welding
- Cutting edge laser beam technology that guarantees robust joints for several type of busbar connections
- Possibility to weld challenging reflective materials such as CU, Al and dissimiral combination of materials
- Internal development of welding parameters
- Extensive quality control such as weld penetration in process monitoring and resistivity checks
- Stations can handle module up to 1200 mm length and 600 mm width
Bus Bar Laser Welding
Ultrasonic wire bonding
- Fully automatic station
- Wire bonding with the highest axis accuracy
- Continuous real time monitoring of wire condition and process
- Integrated quality control
Ultrasonic wire bonding
Pack assembly stations
- Stations equipped with manual assistors and process dedicated tools to allow assembly teams to work in perfect ergonomic and safe conditions
- Stations equipped with torque monitored tools
- Control tracking system to verify process completion and quality monitoring
- Junction box assembly and quality control
- Controlled sealing application completed after functional test
Pack assembly stations
EOL Testing
- Battery module and pack functional tests
- BMS firmware and software flashing
- Pack cooling system integrity test
EOL Testing

Main features

  • Safety: BMS Design compliant for ISO 26262
  • Scalable slave-master architecture, handles systems
    up to 1.000 V
  • Cell dissipative balancing


  • Real time monitoring cells & components voltage
    and temperatures
  • Advanced algorithms for SOC/SOH estimation
  • Advanced SOP estimation with realtime cell
    thermoelectrical models
  • Electromechanical components feedback monitoring
    and degradation estimation (fuses, contactors)
  • Control and monitoring of the thermal management system
  • Sensing of current, water leak, internal humidity, etc
  • Ground fault monitoring of grounded or ungrounded systems

Services related to BMS

  • Testing and modelling of battery cells
    and systems
  • Experimental characterization of cells
    for accurate state estimation algorithms
    (e.g., SOC, SOE, SOH, SOP)
  • BMS hardware and software development
    for specific applications
  • Prototyping of high-performance
    battery systems
  • Consulting in the field of battery systems

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