Podium Engineering awarded with a grant for innovative SME

Aosta, 14 October 2013 - Podium Engineering received a grant for innovative Small and Medium Enterprises, awarded by the regional government of Valle d’Aosta, and will start a two year research program. After successfully developing and racing a lithium battery powered KERS system at the Nürburgring 24 hour race in 2012, Regione Valle d’Aosta awarded Podium Engineering with a 210 k€ grant in order to establish an experimental development program in the field of high performance hybrid system and to pursue a challenging business case that would position Podium Engineering as a key player in the hybrid and electric business in the next years. According to the business plan,in the next two yearsPodium Engineering will create a battery laboratory to carry out researches and experiments on lithium battery, focusing on high performances battery pack for hybrid application such as motorsport energy storage and supercars. The target is to achieve a high power density system able to compete with state of the art applications, and that could be applied to a large variety of systems. Advanced electrochemical batteries are becoming an integral part of a wide range of applications from household and commercial to smart grid, transportation, and aerospace systems, and investing in this field represent a huge opportunity for a SME founded and led by close-knit team of engineers and PhDs. Podium Engineering has also recently moved in the incubator of Aosta and plans to significantly increase the engineering staff during 2014.