Podium Advanced Technologies has completed the 20th Automobili Amos Lancia Delta Futurista

Pont-Saint-Martin, 21 October 2022 - The last Delta Futurista in the limited series of 20 restomod vehicles produced by Podium Advanced Technologies is ready to be delivered The Lancia Delta Integrale is an icon of the 1980s, an institution for all motoring enthusiasts. After winning 10 world titles in the WRC and 6 constructors’ titles, it retired from the motorsport scene in 1995. Automobili Amos, with Podium Advanced Technologies, has brought the myth back to life producing a limited series of 20 units in a ‘restomod’ key. The restomod is a synthesis between the restoration of an original historic car and its modernization with new technologies and performances. Automobili Amos’ project was to transform 1990 Lancia Delta Integrale 16-valve cars into hyper-technological ‘Futurist’ cars, but with the unmistakable style of the Delta. Podium Advanced Technologies has designed, developed, and finally assembled each of the 20 cars + 1 initial prototype. Each of these models has a body made almost entirely of carbon fibre and an engine with a power output of 330 hp. The mechanics are completely reworked and modernised, with a new engine, new intercooler, intake, and exhaust. The gearbox and differential have been reinforced, while the suspension, brakes and wheels are completely new. Each car is unique, having been customized according to the customer’s requirement and the road legal homologations in the various countries of destination. Each car boasts bespoke paint and interiors: from the historic Martini livery to the elegant Verde Brinzio and more eccentric colours, to unique carbon fibre solutions for the rear seat. “The delivery of the 20th Lancia Delta Futurista is an important milestone. – comments Luca Ciancetti, Head of the Road Car and Motorsport team at Podium Advanced Technologies – It is a project that started in 2017 and that has kept us busy for several years. Delivering number 20 is a bit like closing the circle. Moreover, we normally design and develop one-off prototypes; this was the first occasion when we built a limited series. Strengthened by this experience, we are ready for new challenges. Eugenio Amos, founder of Automobili Amos remarks: “It was a great pleasure to embark on this beautiful but complicated journey with Podium Advanced Technologies as my companion. What I appreciated most about this company is the humanity: first people and then professionals. Without them, we would not have reached this small but important milestone. After the conclusion of the Futurista project, we have decided to continue the adventure with Podium Advanced Technologies with a new project: this is the proof of how satisfied we are with the collaboration. Thanks to all the staff who have believed in us and in our ideas over the years.”