Lvchi Auto Group unveils the new “Venere”, with an electric powertrain designed and manufactured by Podium Advanced Technologies

Geneva, 7 March 2018 - Lvchi Auto Group has premiered at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show the new “Venere”, a high-performance, 740 kW all-electric four-seater. The electric powertrain and the 104 kWh battery have been designed and entirely built by Podium Advanced Technologies, using the new wire-bonding facility recently added to the company lab. Lvchi Auto Group was founded in 2016 in Shanghai, China. The company is an integration of the whole value chain of alternative energy vehicle (research and development, manufacturing, distribution, after market service and so on), capital operation and financial services. Lvchi Auto Group is a new energy vehicle enterprise, based on science and technology innovation. The strategic positioning of Lvchi Auto is to be an intelligent mobile life operator. With its global headquarter located in Shanghai, it aims to fulfill its enterprise vision of creating “intelligent mobile life ecosystem.” Lvchi relies upon an engineering research institute in Shanghai, and several overseas locations including an engineering center in Turin, Italy, a technology center in Coventry, England, and an auxiliary center in Silicon Valley, USA. The Lvchi Venere is a high-performance, all-electric four-seater conceived according to the criteria used in the design and manufacture of Gran Turismo vehicles, developed in partnership with Italian engineering and design firm I.DE.A. Institute. The underlying concept in terms of structure is the frame, the central element made totally of composite material, carbon fiber sandwich and honeycomb design, devised to achieve the torsional and flexural rigidity appropriate for the expected high performance, combined with a contained overall weight. The frame is manufactured integrally, i.e. using the roof as a collaborative structural component. It is the first four-door four-seater with such characteristics. This central element is joined by aluminum chassis supports that are attached to the front and rear powertrain. The whole electric powertrain system – including the battery pack, the BMS, the electric motors controls – has been designed, developed and assembled by Podium Advanced Technologies. The 100+ kWh lithium ion battery pack, using the proprietary Podium Advanced Technologies Battery Management System, has been designed with the target to optimize the trade-off between max power output and range extension, and has been assembled entirely in the Podium Advanced Technologies laboratories, using leading-edge wire-bonding technology facility. The electric powertrain consists of four electric motors, two installed on the front axle and two on the rear axle, combined with a differential per axle, so as to implement a permanent all-wheel drive. The differential housing also contains a two-speed transmission to optimize the distribution of torque and power. The interface with the driver and the passengers is provided by an innovative touchscreen unit built into the tunnel, which allows for the management of the car functions, replacing the traditional knob. It will allow the driver and the passengers to select all the functions desired. Finally, innovative aerodynamics solutions have been employed to reduce drag and ensure efficiency. It will be manufactured in Turin and marketed in 2019. Technical data LENGTH [mm] 5.150 HEIGHT [mm] 1.418 WIDTH [mm] 2.120 WHEEL BASE [mm] 3.040 TRACKSIDE FRONT [mm] 1.662 TRACKSIDE REAR [mm] 1.680 DRAG COEFFICIENT 0.28 MOTOR (TYPE) PERMANENT MAGNET ELECTRIC MOTORS MOTOR POSITION 2 REAR AND 2 FRONT MAXIMUM REVS [rpm] 13.000 MAX. POWER [KW] 740 (185 FOR EACH MOTOR) MAX. TORQUE [Nm] 1.540 BATTERY CAPACTY [KWh] > 100 BATTERY TYPE LITHIUM – ION WEIGHT [Kg] 2.100