Glickenhaus places 4th and 5th overall at legendary Le Mans 24 Hours with two debuting cars designed and built by Podium Advanced Technologies

Le Mans, 22 August 2021 - Glickenhaus places 4th and 5th overall at legendary Le Mans 24 Hours with two debuting cars designed and built by Podium Advanced Technologies At the Le Mans 24 Hours, probably the greatest motorsport event in the world, Glickenhaus 007 LMH No. 708 and 709 – designed, developed and built by Podium Advanced Technologies – have gained 4th and 5th place overall. As far as we know, this would be the first time for a debut team in the history of Le Mans legendary race, valid for the FIA World Endurance Championship. Moreover, Glickenhaus has topped the pre-event official Test Day after a late run from driver Olivier Pla, setting the best time overall with the astonishing time of 3:29.115 aboard the 007 LMH No. 708. A real premiere for an American team as well as for a car built in Italy to achieve this result since the Test Day has been established. Pilots Franck Mailleux, Pipo Derani and Olivier Pla drive faultless race to finish on same lap as Alpine. In fact, since the start of the race the 007 LMH No. 708 has battled for the third place of the podium against Alpine No. 36. Unfortunately, a yellow flag has forced the car to slow down: the final result sees a fourth position overall for the Glickenhaus No. 708 with a narrow gap of only 2 minutes and 34 seconds from Alpine No. 36, which undoubtedly belongs to a stronger team with one of the best track records at the Le Mans 24 Hours ever. “The reliability of the Glickenhaus has never stopped to amaze me since I’ve taken care of it for the first time. We must congratulate with Podium, they have designed two cars that have finished the race without any problem at all”, driver Franck Mailleux testifies. Car No. 709 takes a brilliant fifth position with drivers Richard Westbrook, Romain Dumas, Ryan Briscoe and Romain Dumas, the latter being a two-time winner of the race in the past: “Can you imagine that? - he says - Jim with his strange hat, a team of engineers that have never been here before…”. There is another record for Glickenhaus Racing to be noted: during the whole 24 hours of race the 007 LMH No. 708 has stopped at pits for only 40 minutes and 23 seconds, the shortest time among all contenders, which provides evidence of the reliability of the entire 007 LMH project. Luca Ciancetti, Glickenhaus Racing Team Principle and Podium Advanced Technologies Head of Automotive and Motorsport Business Line: “Our team is extremely satisfied for the achievement of these great results. The 007 LMH project has been developed in a very short time since January 2019: the 007 LMH No. 708 has successfully completed the first series of performance test in February 2021, only six months before the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Our engineering company has been a pioneer: with the exception of Toyota, which actually is a manufacturer, we have been the first to design a hypercar from scratch in the brand new LMH category, with regulations that have been defined only at the end of 2019. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Jim Glickenhaus: he has a huge knowledge on car development, his inputs are always focused, his approach constructive. On top of that, he is great to everyone in the team, having a strong team spirit. Reaching the most challenging goals is easier with him.”