A year of growth and appreciation: Podium Advanced Technologies receives the Smau Award for Innovation

Milan, 13 October 2021 - A year of growth and appreciation: Podium Advanced Technologies receives the Smau Award for Innovation Following a long and prestigious list of recognitions in the last twelve months, Podium Advanced Technologies has received the Smau Award 2021 for Innovation, together with other 49 companies in different industrial sectors, with Toshiba, Eni, and Sanofi among those. Smau is the main business matching platform in Italy about innovation chosen each year by over 50,000 entrepreneurs, managers of companies and public administrations to grow and update on topics such as innovation, leading-edge technology, digital and internationalization. The award citation reads: “From racing cars to trams, these are bespoke batteries: versatile, innovative and tailored to the needs of each client and each application”. Francesco Monti, CEO of Podium Advanced Technologies, has also been part on“Innovation, startups and territories” round table during the Smau event in Milan. These last 12 months has been dotted by important milestones such as the completion of the production of the first batch of Delta Futurista, the rolling out of SCG 004S, the race of the SCG 004C at the Nürburgring 24h, the development of key battery systems for special applications in several industries, the break of seven FIA world land speed records for the research prototype Blizz Primatist, and the debut at the Le Mans 24 Hours of the Glickenhaus 007 LMH cars (the last two designed, developed and built by Podium Advanced Technologies). Few weeks ago Podium Advanced Technologies received the “Imprese Vincenti 2021” award promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the top banking groups in Europe and in the world, to reward the excellence of small and medium Italian companies. In May the company obtained the Budgetary Performance High Honor award at the 3thedition of the “Industria Felix Award - Piemonte, Liguria e Valle d’Aosta che competono 2021”, for being “the best small company and among the best companies led by under 40 entrepreneurs”. In March, for the fourth year in a row, the prestigious Financial Times has picked Podium Advanced Technologies among Europe’s 1,000 fastest growing companies, thanks to an absolute revenue growth of + 522% and a remarkable 84% CAGR in revenues over the period: from 1.5 million Euro in 2016 to 10.1 million Euro in 2019. Similarly in November 2020 for the third consecutive year Podium has been selected by Il Sole 24 Ore, the most authoritative Italian economic newspaper, in the restricted group of companies that have achieved in the same period the highest growth in revenues.