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Working at Podium Advanced Technologies is getting to the next level every day

Being Podium means chasing new challenges, taking ownership and being accountable, having fun, making an impact, constantly living with change while navigating uncharted waters, striving to build together a healthy, fulfilling and productive workplace and enjoying every minute of it.

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Our Vibe
Discover the unique Podium Advanced Technologies environment and its positive energy.

Our company promotes a flexible work environment, offering adaptable schedules and smart working arrangements that enable individuals to effectively balance their professional and personal lives. We foster an informal and enjoyable workplace atmosphere.


We embrace diverse viewpoints and honor innovative ideas. Our culture values and encourages innovation, promoting an environment where creative thinking is respected and where continuous improvement is a constant focus.


Taking ownership of actions, decisions, and outcomes is deeply ingrained in our culture. We foster a strong sense of personal responsibility and commitment to meeting individual and collective goals. Everyone understands and embraces their accountability for their work.


We encourage our employees to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and development. Stepping outside comfort zones and tackling unfamiliar tasks is celebrated and supported, as we believe that daring to take on new challenges leads to personal and company-wide advancement.


We prioritize a culture of continuous learning, providing abundant training opportunities for employees. This commitment allows us to remain agile, adapt to industry changes, and empower individuals to reach their full potential.


Our company values a supportive and collaborative work environment. Employees are encouraged to take calculated risks and explore new opportunities without fear of failure or negative consequences. Colleagues and leaders provide support, guidance, and resources to navigate unfamiliar territories.


We thrive on change and are skilled at adapting to new circumstances. Our employees embrace change as an opportunity for growth, recognizing that it fosters resilience, innovation, and the ability to manage evolving processes, technologies, and market dynamics.


Our company operates on a foundation of trust. We empower our employees with autonomy and decision-making authority, even on projects with wide-ranging scopes. Trusting individuals with responsibility enables them to contribute their expertise and excel in their roles.

Know our team

My choice was Podium because it offers you the possibility to consciously grow in a world of innovation, touching with your hands all the facets of the projects you are involved with. Podium is the best mix of great people, challenging ideas and rewarding results, and the place where I can bring my knowledge to the next level every day.

Federico Micca
Technical leader of the Ducati e-mobility project

My choice was Podium because it is a young and informal company, where it is easy to relate to colleagues and to form good friendships beyond work. Also, you get incredible experiences in high-level projects. Right from the start you are given big responsibilities: as soon as I got here, I was immediately involved in an ambitious off-road motorsport project although I was on my first work experience. Friends almost can't believe it when I tell them about it!

Vittorio De Lauri
Battery Design Engineer

Podium is one of the few companies that deals with both cars and motorsport, as well as hybrid and electric powertrains: you never get bored! My choice was Podium because here you don't just focus on a single detail, but you have a global vision on the project. Also, cooperation is a way of life here and interaction with leaders is continuous and open.

Paride Puschiasis
Project manager of the Lancia Delta Futurista project
Are you a student or a recent graduate?

Podium Advanced Technologies is currently managing internship programs with some of the most prestigious academic institutions in Italy as Politecnico di Torino, Università Bocconi di Milano, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia. Internships are educational opportunities for students and graduates wishing to apply what they have learned during their studies in a real workplace environment.

If you are a student or graduate from other universities or formative institutions you are welcome to suggest an internship program.