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In accordance with applicable privacy laws (EU Regulations n. 679, 2016) the Privacy Policy is made available to all the Users that interacting with the site (below “Site”) provides personal data. The validity of the Privacy Policy included in this page is limited to the Site only and is not extended to websites that can be connected by hypertext link.

We inform the User:

a) Controller

The Controller is Podium Engineering srl (VAT 01158110070) legally established in Pont-Saint-Martin (AO) – CAP: 11026 – Viale Carlo Viola, 65 – e-mail:

b) Data processed and the intended purpose

The personal data that can be processed are:

Data Type

Type of mandate

Personal data

– User navigation data

– Name, Last Name

– Email address

– Data spontaneously given by user (as phone number)

c) Purposes– Legal basis – Provision of the processing

Your Personal data will be processed for the following purposes:


Legal Basis


Site management – navigation technical data



Site management – navigation data that are different than technical data



User request sent by contact form



Data spontaneously given by user



Management sending news and advertisement

The Controller will be able to process the User data in order to manage and optimize the website in the best way. To obtain more details about the navigation data collected refer to the Cookie policy.

d) Lack of clearance to Data Handling

Lack of clearance to the Data Handling:
– if it is pointed as necessary for the corresponding purpose, does not allow to go forward with the User’s requests
– if it is pointed as optional for the corresponding purpose, will have no impact on User’s requests , but it will not allow to access to the corresponding services related to the requested authorization

e) Means And Purposes For Processing Personal Data

The Data will be processed both manually and electronically according to the rules listed in Privacy Law and GDPR, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of Personal Data.
The Data are processed by the Controller and by qualified personnel under direct Controller’s responsibility, and/or by Processors, as to self-employed professionals and collaborators, also organized in associated form, third parties suppliers of professional and technical service (as for example self-employed professionals and collaborator, accountant, lawyer, IT technician).

f) Personal Data Disclosure

The Personal Data collected by interacting with the site may be disclosed to third parties recipients in compliance with laws and regulations for administrative, accounting and fiscal purposes, or to achieve the means and purposes of the processing. The complete and updated list of Data Processors is available to the User and will be provided on request by sending an email to the listed address.

g) Data profiling

No personal data will be disseminated.

h) Data profiling

No data will be used in profiling activities.

i) Data transfer to Third Countries

User Data are processed inside European Union (“UE”). The Processor may need to transfer User Data to suppliers having legal head office in Countries outside European Union, as United State (country that observes the Privacy Shield) for organizational and data safety purposes. In such cases the Processor will guarantee that Data will be carefully and accurately protected, in accordance to the principles listed in articles 45 and 46 of the RGPD, and if necessary after the adoption of legal agreements in order to discipline the Data transferring by ensuring adequate actions.

j) Data Retention

The Personal Data will be retained for the length of time reasonably needed to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. Furthermore the Processor may have to retain the Personal Data for a longer period to comply with legal obligations or to fulfill an Authority directive. At the end of the retention period the Personal Data will be deleted. For this reason, after this deadline, the User can not exercise the rights to access, delete, amend and tranfer the Personal Data.

k) Data Subject’s rights

In accordance with articles 13 and 15 of the GDPR, the Data Subject shall have the right:
– To access personal data concerning himself, the confirmation of the existence or not of Personal Data relating to him/her, even if not yet registered, and their transmission in an understandable way.
– To obtain the Personal Data origin, the mean and purposes of processing, if the Data are processed electronically on which control logic is based , the identification details of the Controller, Processor or designated Representative according to ex Art 5 co. 2 Codice (if present) and any professional that may process data as Processor, Controller or Representative
– To obtain its integration, updating, rectification, deletion, transformation into an anonymous form, or to stop the processing of data obtained in violation of law; to obtain the prove that previous operations has been notified, also about their content, to the persons that may have been received the Data; – The Data portability;
– To withdraw the consensus to Data Processing
– ask for the restriction of the Data Processing for legitimate reasons, excepted if Data processing is mandatory by law;
– ask for the restriction the Data Processing for advertising purposes, or direct marketing, or market research or commercial communications;
– the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, in Italy represented by “Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali” that can be contacted through the contact data in the internet site

The Data Subject can exercise the previous rights by sending a request the Processor through the contact listed in this Privacy Policy Information.
The Controller should be obliged to respond to requests from the Data Subject without undue delay and at the latest within one month; only in particularly high complex circumstances or if the number of requests is very large the deadline can be extended to 2 (two) months.

Cookie Policy

a) Controller

The Controller is Podium Engineering srl (VAT 01158110070) legally established in Pont-Saint-Martin (AO) – CAP: 11026 – Viale Carlo Viola, 65 – e-mail:

b) What a cookie is

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the device used by the User to visit a web site. Each time the User visit again the site the cookies are sent back to the site that generated them (first part cookies) or to a different site (third part cookies). The cookies are useful because give the opportunity to a site to identify the User device. Their purpose are different as, for example, enhance the navigation efficiency, remember the favorite websites and, in general, increase user experience. They also contribute to guarantee that the advertisement submitted online are closer to the user and his/her preferences. According to heir function and purpose, cookies can be divided in different categories: technical cookies, profiling cookies, third part cookies.

c) Technical cookies

The use of technical cookies does not request user agreement. In technical cookie category we point the essential cookies, also called “strictly necessary”, that enable functions without which it would be not possible to completely use the web site. These cookies are use only by the Controllers and for this reason are first part cookies. They are stored on the User device only during the current browser session. The “strictly necessary” cookies can not be disable through Site functions.
Also the cookies used to statistically analyze the accesses or visits to the site are considered technical cookies, and they purpose is exclusively statistical (but not also marketing or profiling) and collects data in aggregate form without any chance to uniquely identify the single User. These cookies can be disabled and/or deleted through browser settings. “Strictly necessary” cookies can not be disabled through this Site functions. In general cookies can be completely disabled at any time in browser settings.

d) Third part cookies

While browsing this Site the User may receive in his/her device also cookies from other sites or other web servers ( “third part cookies”): this happens because in the site can be stored objects like – for example, images, maps, sounds link to web pages of different sites that are stored in servers different than the one hosting the requested page. In different words, these cookies are programmed directly by operators of different websites or webservers different than the Site. These thirds parts could set cookies while you visit the Site and in this way obtain information about your visit to this Site. You can find more information about cookies usage through the pointed link.

e) What kind of cookies uses

This Site does not use profiling cookies.

In particular, this site uses:

Technical cookies

They give to the user the possibility to obtain the contents and services they request.

Analitics Cookie

They make possible to understand how users use the Site. By these cookies neither User.

Information nor Personal Data are collected.

Information are processed in anonymous and aggregated way.


f) How to manage cookies

Information about how to manage cookies in most common browsers:











Battery Management System Hardware features

  • Scalable: decentralized architecture BMS and several CSCs
  • Voltage level: 400V and up to >800V
  • Safety
  • Double μC with redundant communication (digital fault lines for OV, UV, OT)
  • Insulation monitoring unit
  • Crash detection, interlock signal, liquid leak detection
  • Interfaces
  • 2x CAN Bus
  • Low voltage interfaces
  • Analog and digital I/O’s
  • Channels for contactors and relays control
  • 2x Analog Current sensor interfaces
  • 4x HV measurement channels
  • Min 6 to max 16 cells voltage measurement per CSC
  • Max 8 temperature sensors per CSC

Battery Management System Software features

  • Cell limits monitoring
  • Power prediction (SoP)
  • SoC and SOH Evaluation
  • Balancing control
  • Contactor Control
  • Thermal Management Control
  • Data Logging
  • Operating Mode Control
  • Start-up and pre-charge
  • Driving
  • Charging
  • Shut down and discharge
  • Charger (AC & DC) Interfaces

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