Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy


This Information is made available to all the Users that interacting with the site (below “Site”). The validity of the Information included in this page is limited to the Site only and is not extended to websites that can be connected by hypertext link.

a) Controller

The Controller is Podium Engineering srl (VAT 01158110070) legally established in Pont-Saint-Martin (AO) - CAP: 11026 - Viale Carlo Viola, 65 – e-mail: info@podium-tech.com

b) What a cookie is

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the device used by the User to visit a web site. Each time the User visit again the site the cookies are sent back to the site that generated them (first part cookies) or to a different site (third part cookies). The cookies are useful because give the opportunity to a site to identify the User device. Their purpose are different as, for example, enhance the navigation efficiency, remember the favorite websites and, in general, increase user experience. They also contribute to guarantee that the advertisement submitted online are closer to the user and his/her preferences. According to heir function and purpose, cookies can be divided in different categories: technical cookies, profiling cookies, third part cookies.

c) Technical cookies

The use of technical cookies does not request user agreement. In technical cookie category we point the essential cookies, also called “strictly necessary”, that enable functions without which it would be not possible to completely use the web site. These cookies are use only by the Controllers and for this reason are first part cookies. They are stored on the User device only during the current browser session. The “strictly necessary” cookies can not be disable through Site functions.
Also the cookies used to statistically analyze the accesses or visits to the site are considered technical cookies, and they purpose is exclusively statistical (but not also marketing or profiling) and collects data in aggregate form without any chance to uniquely identify the single User. These cookies can be disabled and/or deleted through browser settings. “Strictly necessary” cookies can not be disabled through this Site functions. In general cookies can be completely disabled at any time in browser settings.

d) Third part cookies

While browsing this Site the User may receive in his/her device also cookies from other sites or other web servers ( “third part cookies”): this happens because in the site can be stored objects like – for example, images, maps, sounds link to web pages of different sites that are stored in servers different than the one hosting the requested page. In different words, these cookies are programmed directly by operators of different websites or webservers different than the Site. These thirds parts could set cookies while you visit the Site and in this way obtain information about your visit to this Site. You can find more information about cookies usage through the pointed link.

e) What kind of cookies uses www.podium-tech.com

This Site does not use profiling cookies.

In particular, this site uses:

Technical cookies They give to the user the possibility to obtain the contents and services they request.
Analitics Cookie They make possible to understand how users use the Site. By these cookies neither User.
Information nor Personal Data are collected.
Information are processed in anonymous and aggregated way.

f) How to manage cookies

Information about how to manage cookies in most common browsers:

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